Guaranteed Ocean solution for leading PPE supplier

21 October 2022

The continued challenges for space allocation and availability of loading/unloading equipment have been major challenges for many months.

Our client – a leading supplier of Protective and Safety equipment [PPE] had been facing major setbacks with their freight forwarder facing: 

  • Delays at port for loading 
  • Delay to sailings 
  • Constant changes to production schedules 
  • Price fluctuations 

The impact of these challenges was having a major effect on their customer retention and service capability as well as increased pricing and operational control. 

At GEFCO Australia we were able to overcome the challenges quickly and cost effectively with a Complete Control tower solution. GEFCO Australia have successfully been awarded the customer contract to transport over 450 TEU this year from several ports in China to Melbourne, Australia.

The Control Tower Solution includes: 

  • A guaranteed equipment and service uplift  
  • Forecasting for complete control 
  • Security with carriers, suppliers and onward facing customers 
  • Single point of contact 
  • Expert team for full supply chain coordination 

… a vital Block Space Agreement to ensure

  • Greater security across the supply chain 
  • Overall peace of mind from cost to space allocation 
  • Increased order rationalisation 
  • Order visibility exporting from factory 

…a cost-effective solution 

  • Fixed rate initiative to ensure financial control 
  • Rates well below FAK market rate 
  • Built in reductions for further year contracts 

… with complete visibility across flows thanks to our web portal GEFCO VISIBILITY 

  • Real-time track and trace 
  • Follow up and monitor of door to door shipments 
  • Deviation management 
  • True scope of their entire supply chain 
Our expert team are mobilized to provide outstanding, customized, and secure solutions that give you greater control over your supply chain allowing minimized risks, forecasting capabilities and greater customer service. I am proud of our team who continue to create exceptional solutions for our customers.

Peter West

Regional Director for GEFCO in Australia & New Zealand