Finished Vehicle Logistics

Integrated solutions for new and used vehicles

Are you looking for a logistics provider able to offer a large range of solutions dedicated to finished vehicles? 

As one of the leading groups in Europe for finished vehicle logistics and with more than 4.2 million units shipped per year, we provide you with expertise in a range of areas: logistics engineering, multimodal transport, customs and tax representation, storage and preparation of vehicles, as well as their distribution to dealer networks. 

Flows engineering

Design optimised transport and logistics solutions

We support you in designing integrated transport and logistics solution to help smoothly manage vehicles flows ( passenger, commercial or vintage - new or used) 

  • Flows engineering 
  • Solution design
  • Implementation of the optimised solution

Releasing agent

Optimise the management of new vehicles from assembly line to plant exit

We offer you a large range of solutions to accelerate your flows for Commercial Vehicule and Passenger Car 

  • Quality inspection
  • PPO (Post Production Operations):  commercial vehicle fittings, preparation of Limited Series (bicolor and matt paint, decals…), preparation of vehicle fleets (SNCF, Orange…) 
  • PDI (Pre Delivery Inspections): electrical diagnostics, road tests, mechanical controls, washing, Commercial and passenger car conversions, valeting and final quality control
  • Smart Repairs: bodywork/paint, dents …
  • Direct Delivery to car dealers or shipment to a GEFCO compound 



Shipment to our compounds or car dealers

Optimise your vehicle shipments through performant multimodal logistics solutions and the management of optimised customs operations

  • Rail transport: to meet your needs in terms of cost, lead times, quality and CO2 reduction, we have made rail transport a top priority with a modern 4,000 railcar wagons fleet. 
  • Road transport: the reliability of GEFCO solutions is based on our 1,036 car-carrier-fleet and GEFCO’s dense international network.
  • Ocean transport: experts in Short Sea and Deep Sea solutions (for both containers and RoRo), we ship nearly 750,000 finished vehicles by sea each year. We design deep sea or short sea, spot, regular or shuttle solutions. 

116 automotive compounds in 33 countries

Store, prepare and customise your vehicles

Experts in storage, preparation and inspection of vehicles, we offer you a comprehensive range of value-added operations at plant exit:PPO (Post Production Operations) at proximity to your car dealers, PDI (Pre-Delivery-Inspection) or for your used vehicles (remarketing). 


  • Receipt of vehicles
  • Real time tracking of operations on site
  • Storage in dedicated areas
  • Maintenance of stored vehicles in accordance with customers' standards
  • Bonded storage

Vehicle preparation and inspection 

  • PPO (Post Production Operations): customisation of vehicles
  • PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspections)
  • Smart Repairs: bodywork/paint, dents …
  • Paint work and body work repairs

Vehicle delivery to your customers

Making of the delivery a customer delight

We deliver your new and used vehicles in line with certified quality norms and processes. 

  • Standard transport plans 
  • Spot/urgent shipments
  • Real time Track and Trace 
  • Pre-alert deliveries 
  • POD in real time  

Event Logistics

Simplify and secure the Logistics of your trade fairs and exhibitions

Do you have to manage the launch of a new model, set up a showroom, deliver an outstanding presentation during a trade fair? 
Based on our experience of near 70 years, we deliver the solution whatever the location of your event.  

Discover Event logistics

Synchronising your operations through a control tower

Continuously optimise your flows and reinforce the customer experience

To ensure global visibility of your flows and to reinforce the collaboration between the different players in your supply chain, we offer you control tower services to monitor and manage all your flows over extended geographical areas. Our control tower relies on the following fundamentals:

  • Dedicated international teams 
  • Collaborative IT systems 
  • Harmonised processes 

Vehicle Logistics Leaflet

GEFCO, leader in vehicles logistics in europe

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70 years

of experience

€1.55 Bn turnover

in Automotive

116 compounds

in 33 countries

4.2M units

shipped annually


  • Simplicity

    • Single point of contact
    • Integrated Logistics solutions
    • Management of your customs operations
  • Efficiency

    • Operational excellence 
    • Cost optimisation 
    • Reduced transit time
  • 360° visibility

    • Real time monitoring of your operations
    • Performance management
    • Control of international flows via Control Tower